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1600 microsoft points free

Free Microsoft Points

Free Microsoft Points

Microsoft Points present an awesome opportunity to get free (or cheaper) games on Xbox 360 and the new and upcoming Xbox One. You can get 1600 microsoft points free! Just follow these steps:

1. Sign up to this website. Make sure you enter REAL details so you can claim your prize later.

2. Confirm your email address. If it isn’t in your inbox, then check your spam folder as it might’ve ended up in there. If you still haven’t received an email in 24 hours then contact support.

3. Click on ‘Earn Points’ at the top of the screen when you log in that website. Start doing surveys and when you get enough points you can claim a 1600 microsoft points code free! Actually, you can claim much more than that, but that should be a starting goal.

This is legal and you aren’t stealing any money. Here’s an explanation of how this works:

When you complete a survey, you are essentially being paid by the advertiser. After doing enough surveys, you will eventually get enough money to get 1600 microsoft points code (free). It’s that simple.

There are other ways to earn money on this site. You can play games, do shopping, win competitions or even share to your friends on Facebook and if they sign up you get points too. Don’t wait any longer, sign up now and get 250 points for free!



Enjoy your Free MIcrosoft Points

The Exciting World of Minecraft

First of all, check out this website: minecraft accounts free. They are giving away free minecraft accounts!

Nowadays, more and more people find them so excited and addicted to various games which have the ability to bring them into a different world. Admittedly, various games found online significantly help in relieving one’s self from stress and this certainly helps us enjoy a different level of happiness and excitement while we spend time playing on the colorful world of Minecraft.

To play Minecraft online, we have to learn some essential rules. It is important to understand that there should be four people who need to work for one entry and remember that you must not work on over one entry because you might be ineligible.  Indeed, players should be aware of other builders particularly when you’re collecting or defending a plot.

For Minecraft tips, there are a total of four various modes of games here and these comprise of survival, hardcore, adventure and creative.  Players must understand that survival is deemed as the standard default mode. In other words, players will have to begin having nothing and they need to collect food and other indispensable resources in order to survive. Meanwhile, if you did not survive in hardcore mode, then the game shall be over for you.

Adventure mode is especially established for the purpose of playing a custom map primarily because you can’t put or damage blocks while you’re in this mode so in order for you to go over, you have to strictly be subsequent to the map’s story and bear in mind that cheating here is not allowed. On the other hand, players can’t pick adventure as his/her mode of game when establishing the latest map; it should be stimulated in-game that comes with the directive “/gamemode 2″.

Lastly, creative mode is considered one of the principal game modes in Minecraft. This comes in two isolated versions; the first is merely accessible in the full game and the other one is ready for use on the game’s primary website. Creative mode lifts the survival forms of Minecraft and this enables players to effortlessly build and demolish various structures. Players have the chance to demolish almost all blocks without hassle and they are allowed to have the capacity to fly. If players are smart enough to make use of the kill command and other essential tools; they can easily build immense constructions instantly. It is valuable to note that creative mode is commonly used in mini-sports and as an instance of this is the very popular Spleef.

Xbox 360 vs PS3, Who Wins?

Gamers have already been split by two gaming systems: the Xbox 360 and PS3. These two consoles usually are the pinnacle of technical progression. The gaming experience is amazing with is high graphics as well as processor. PS3 is just not graphically superior as like as XBOX 360. The XBOX 360 has made certain the graphical consistency with high technology. PS3 isn’t as fantastic as XBOX 360 with regards to basic stats. Let’s also keep in mind that both XBOX 360 and also PS3 relies greatly to the gamers’ demands.

Comparing Prices: The low-end type of the Xbox 360 will set you back by 9. Alternatively, the PS3 does not have this kind of model type. Mainstream model Xbox 360 will definitely cost $ 349 as well as PS3 40 BG will definitely cost 9. High-end models are obtainable for each brands, the Xbox 360Elite will cost you for 9 as well as PS3 80 BG demands 9.

Microprocessor:Both brands have different core processors together with Xbox 360 having the much better, together with its 3.2 GHz PowerPC and also 3 dual-threaded processor and also whilst the PS3 just has 3.2 GHz Cell processor with 7 single-threaded synergistic processing units’ cores.

Graphics:The Core processor that Xbox 360 have an ATI-based custom processor as opposed to the NVIDIA-based RSX graphics processor. Xbox 360 consisted together with 500 MHz clock speed and PS3 consisted along with 550 MHz clock speed. The PS3 has lesser memory at 256MB system RAM while the Xbox features a 512 MB system RAM The GBps of the Xbox 360 can also be far better system ram at 25.6 GBps to eDram whilst the PS3 only has 22.4.

Sound: The Dolby pro logic II with analog sound output can be the choice of Xbox 360. Xbox 360 comprised along with 5.1 channel Dolby Digital sound output and the PS3 has 5.1 channels Dolby sound output together with 7.1 channel LPCM.

Video: Constructed with a 16:9 widescreen pixels rising from 720p, 1080i to 1080p native resolution is just what the Xbox 360 has. While the PS3 fails from 480p, 720p, 1080i two 1080p native video resolutions.

System Memory: The whole system memory of the Xbox 360 has 512 GDDR3 RAM while the PS3 is built with a 256 MB XDR RAM main system RAM. The memory bandwidth is much higher in the PS3 though with 25.6 while 22.4 GBps for the Xbox

Storage: The driver of the Xbox 360 is made up of 12X dual-layer DVD; HD DVD drive while the PS3 makes use of a Blu-Ray drive. From DVD, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/ RW, CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, WMA CD, PM3 CD, and also JPEG photo CD is exactly what the XBox supports. PS3 supports BD, BD-ROM, Blu-ray Disc, CD, CD-DA, CD-DA (ROM), CD-R, CD-RW and DualDisc and so on.

Networking: Xbox 360 has 1 port 100 MBs Ethernet networking system. The Greater Networking system belongs to the PS3 with the 1 port 1 Gbps Ethernet networking. The PS3 furthermore supports Bluetooth connection as well as Bluetooth controller connection. The Xbox system gives, alternatively, an online perspective using the Xbox Live silver. Although the PS3 also give the identical experience with their playstation network with simple to pay micropayment system.

Multimedia Features: The media extender 2.0 experience is available to both the Xbox 360 as well as PS3. Additionally, both the Xbox 360 and PS3 has live and recorded TV support. Supports streaming videos from PCs are also obtainable. Portable media players like iPod and Sony PSP are also supported by these consoles. Utilizing these consoles you will be able to display the content of your storage systems. DVD movies can be well played out by both Xbox m360 and PS3.

Controllers: One the plus side for PS3 is that they have motion sensors, none are accessible for Xbox 360. USB keyboard is backed by both. Rumble functionality is accessible on Xbox 360, but there\’s no rumble functionality in the PS3.



1600 microsoft points free

Microsoft Points: The Best Way to Download Microsoft Items

Microsoft Points are the “cash” used in online store buys just like games, videos, music and other Microsoft-affiliated contents. Points can be purchased making use of either a Credit Card or the Microsoft Points Cards, which can be purchased from any retailer. Customers actually get eighty Microsoft Points for every dollar invested. In case you have 10 dollars, you can buy worth 800 points from Microsoft shops. Microsoft Points are sold in batches and customers can get anywhere from 100 points up to as much as they require.
Again, when you bought a Microsoft Points, you won\’t require to use Credit Cards. The reason of getting rid of credit cards is to help keep them from corresponding Credit Card Transaction Fees which Microsoft and buyers would otherwise pay. Microsoft Points, nonetheless, cannot be made use of to buy anything else from any non-Microsoft source.
There\’s been some discontent among customers of downloadable content that aren\’t happy with the thought of utilizing Microsoft Points to purchase everything they need from Microsoft.Because of this, critics, users and other related persons pointed out the pros and cons of Microsoft Points.

Merits of Microsoft Points

Supporters of the Microsoft Points system love it since:

• You can quickly purchase Microsoft items making use of only these points and without a credit card.

• Customers buy based on the amount of points they in fact have on deposit and the value these represent in actual cash.

• No need to make use of credit cards since Microsoft points are offered as your balance and the basis of your acquisitions.

• It is also feasible to make use of any unused points for various other purchases from Microsoft shops.
Disadvantages of Microsoft Points?
Opponents of Microsoft Points don\’t like them for the following explanations:
• It is untrustworthy when it comes to conversion of points to actual expense. Customers making use of this system are necessary on many occasions to buy a lot more points than actually required to make their purchase. The customer’s balance is also held until another buy is made.

• Whether or not you utilize your points, it will remain without refunds and will not be converted into actual money. Also they are not permitted to be used in other purchases outside Microsoft affiliations.
• The points you need must always be more than the item cost since points and item costs don\’t match up equally. For instance buyers would need to purchase excess points even if the actual number of points needed to purchase an item is actually lower. In this situation, buyers would really find it more expensive to buy using Microsoft Points when compared to other several ways.
• Microsoft Points are readily available to all currency no matter where country you\’re from. For instance, if you live in the Philippines (which utilize the Peso unit), each 40 peso is equivalent to which means if 20 points cost then you will have 20 points in your country for 40 pesos. However, because Microsoft has their products in dollar currency unit, it will make some more unreliability of actual costs from points for some country. This would make others pay much more exactly where the price is truly the same as to precisely what the others have paid for. In addition, the taxation varies from country to country.
Even so, there are problems that haven’t been resolved yet. Are Microsoft Points the only dependable way to get your items? Why not present Microsoft Points in actual currency? Wouldn’t it be easier to have it carried out by Credit Card transaction and apply the deductions through it?
Recent signs advise that Microsoft might be reversing its position on the utilization of Microsoft Points, if their choice to take Credit Card buys with regards to the newest version of Windows is anything to go by.

halo 4

Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn-The Movie Review

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game is a big hit as it was based on the TV Series Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn by the famous Sci-Fi director Steven Spielberg. Even though his TV series have not been as popular as his movies, still his name alone is enough to draw the eyes and push up the TRP’s of the program.

Although creating effects in the movie is actually not as excellent as the effect you find out in games, still adapting films from games actually gives credit indicating that films can stand on their own.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn TV series was later released as a single movie on DVD and Blu-ray following its tv series was shown every week last October 5, 2012 with 15-minute episodes. This shows that movies adapted from video games work really great.

It has a total budget of million which makes it one of the most expensive web series of all time and is set in Halo franchise. The budget took the series into a crown of praise as the visual effects are already regarded as superb by the viewers.

Budget alone isn’t the only criteria which could have an effect on the success of Halo. Movie characters are also one of the elements required to make the most out of a movie.

The tv series revolve around Master Chief and how he encouraged a young UNSC (United Nations Space Command) cadet to eventually become a leader aboard the UNSC Infinity craft. Lastly the young cadets appear in person with the Chief setting off the chain of events that lead to the opening of Halo 4.

Indeed the film is one of the most expensive and has superb visual effects, nonetheless, individuals who played the video game found out the movie to be a little bit less attractive. Due to a complicated story, there is no doubt why the movie obtained discontentments from the hardcore followers of the game.

The low quality scripts and less spending budget for this movie turned the movie into a flop. The purpose why Microsoft approved of the idea of the movie makers to produce the film is that they feel that adapting from video games and making it live-action movies succeeds at all times.

It is a really huge discouragement for many individuals not viewing the best features and elements of the video game to the film which they anticipate to exist. It’s so unintelligent for Microsoft of having lost millions of dollars for this movie.




Come alive and be crazy as “WatchDogs cross the line”!

If you’re seeking full entertainment, then watch out for this coming November for gamers of Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 for the developer of video games at the same time French computer and publisher will interject the coming of “Watch Dogs” game. Additionally, it\’s also said that the publishing company has decided to launch a different title for the new featuring PlayStation, keeping in account the exclusive adventure games arena it presents to the children. Conversely, the company ultimately choose Xbox as their official gadget to cater the needs of their active players. This coming 2013 holidays, there are countless editions (currently four) to expect to.

watch dogs game

Among these editions, is among the more amazing and extraordinary where it embraces statuette of the game’s main characters to be represented, together with quality steel-book and discrete sound track and effects for a much more entertaining game. As a premium, it is also giving one with additional digital content as an individual mission game such as Palace Park and Breakthrough Pack. The rest of the three editions are more about the gamers’ personal extras for instance, an entire collector box of the protagonist, and single-player missions with additional hour games.

Commonly, the Dedsec Edition game feature shows itself to be prominent considering it has the most premiums that kept the device a lively and active arena whenever possible. Additionally, the new Vigilante Edition sets Aidan (main character) a complete makeover where you can add a cape, boots and even mask and let’s keep in mind gamers can utilize the other player missions under the Uplay Exclusive Edition. Last but not the least, Special Edition encapsulates a ‘Breakthrough Pack’ exactly where it takes players into rescue missions with elite CEO are held captive by criminals who seek ransom in return of their freedom.

Prior trailers hadn’t yet announced the releasing date of the awesome device waiting to fell upon our hands, but the newest trailer has remarkably announced the introduction of the interesting game, Watch Dogs, and also a slight inkling of something even more to enhance the experience of the play. In fact, the teaser have set off the lines of, ‘something’ is about to cross the line and this certainly will meet the bubbling dreams of the children\’s and the generations to come. Or is it too great to be true? Possibly yes. Even though the teaser leaves no idea at all regarding the hanging clue nevertheless, you must gather your senses for the most recent release of Xbox or its latest PlayStation 4 version.

Therefore, Watch Dogs, as the name so evidently imply, is a game to get you in a grip to search for the enemies and follow the trail as dogs. It is anew, exhilarating, and certainly enterprising! And the greatest thing is, the company for video publishing and developing has distinctly announced the ease of access of “Watch Dogs” on Xbox 360, prior PlayStation 3, Wii U and also on a mere pc. Do you really feel the excitement?